What we do
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What we do

We help you navigate the court system to right a wrong or deal with crushing financial problems

When people and businesses come to us they face a range of problems. We work skillfully and cost-effectively to help you find a favorable resolution using two legal tools — litigation and bankruptcy.

Complex Litigation

A lawsuit may be the only way to restore your family’s financial well-being or the very survival of your business

We know the court system — we have handled cases in North Carolina’s Business Court, courts in counties across the state, federal court, appellate courts, private arbitration.


We have brought, and defended, commercial disputes involving  contract disputes and business torts, construction law, securities, lender liability, real estate, fraud, corporate and LLC disputes, dissolutions, intellectual property, and unfair trade practice cases. We have handled issues and disputes arising under the Uniform Commercial Code, the Sherman Antitrust Act, and bankruptcy litigation.


Some of our cases involve millions of dollars, in others a home or business is at stake.  But always we try to act as if your case was our own.

Individual Bankruptcy

Stop. Save. Rebuild.

Could bankruptcy help free you from a crushing debt burden or save your home?

It is a Federal program, enforced by the courts, that can stop foreclosure, repossessions and garnishment; save your home or your car; let you rebuild your life.

As debtors’ attorneys we represent individuals in Chapter 7 fresh start cases and Chapter 13 payment plans.  We also represent high net worth individuals in Chapter 11.

individual bankruptcy
business bankruptcy
Business Bankruptcy

For a small to mid-sized business struggling with debt, bankruptcy can offer a way out

We will work with you to restructure your business.  Sometime, we will help you to liquidate your business in an order way to try to get taxes and other important debts paid, or to help you get a fresh start with a new entity.

If bankruptcy is not the best option for your business (and often it is not) we will not hesitate tell you that, and try help you to negotiate a debt workout.

Tell us about what’s going on. We’ll tell you how we can help.