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Stop. Save. Rebuild.

Latest Content

After you file for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in North Carolina, you’ll have to attend a 341 meeting, also known as a meeting of the creditors. Is in named “341”  because of the federal law that requires it, and the 341 meeting......

Many people are confused by the form that is served by the sheriff after a judgment is entered against them in North Carolina.  The form has two parts: (1) the first part is titled “Notice of Right to Have Exemptions Designated,” often called a Notice......

Stopping a foreclosure – even after the sale date.  Paying past due mortgage or car loan payments over time even when the lender will not work with you.  Keeping assets you would give up in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  These are all reasons why a consumer would consider......

I was talking with a management consultant who has worked for years with small- and mid-sized businesses who were facing financial hardship.  He has helped many turn around, and seen others fail.  Although he had a sense of what Chapter 11 bankruptcy was, he did......

When people come to us because they’re considering filing for bankruptcy, they usually have a lot of questions. This is entirely natural. Bankruptcy is not something a lot of people have direct experience with, and the decision to file can be very stressful. One of......

About J.C. White Law Group


We have a reputation for handling difficult bankruptcy cases, often cases that involve businesses and business owners or involve litigation or complex motion practice.  Bankruptcy is not a default, we often advise clients on whether they can avoid bankruptcy by strategic debt workouts, and how bankruptcy can help them reorganize their personal and business lives.


We have been recognized by other lawyers as being among the best in the state in surveys such as Super Lawyers and the Legal Elite.

For Individuals


Could bankruptcy help free you from a crushing debt burden or save your home?  It is a Federal program, enforced by the courts, that can stop foreclosure, repossessions and garnishment; save your home or your car; let you rebuild your life.

We can help you through Chapter 7 fresh start bankruptcies or Chapter 13 debt payment plans.  We are happy to sit down with you, and initial consultations are always free.

For Small and Mid-Sized Businesses


Our practice is focuses solely Subchapter V and Chapter 7 cases for small to mid-sized businesses.  When they are struggling with debt, bankruptcy can offer a way out.  Jim White is a board certified specialist in business bankruptcy law, and he will work with you to reorganize or restructure your small business. If bankruptcy is not the best option for your business (and sometimes it is not) we will not hesitate tell you that, and help you to negotiate a debt workout.



Bankruptcy Litigation

Sometimes lawsuits arise in the context of a bankruptcy.  Our unique skill set allows us to represent both debtors and creditors in all kinds of litigation and contested matters.  Jim White is one of the few lawyers in North Carolina who has been recognized as being among the top litigation attorneys and bankruptcy attorneys in the state.





Get Started


We have put together a series of guides to answer some of your questions.  Start there and then browse through some of our other blog posts.  And feel free to get in touch with us to answer any questions you might have.



Have questions?  Feel free to give us a call.


We are a debt relief agency under federal law. We help people and businesses file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.