Durham man loses home to reverse mortgage lender in foreclosure scam

J.C. White Law Group and Taibi Law Group PLLC have filed suit against the companies involved in the foreclosure of a reverse mortgage on the home of a North Carolina man in what appears to be a deliberate attempt to fraudulently take his home.

The Plaintiff, Robert Daniels, took a reverse mortgage against his home.  Under the agreement, if the home stopped being his principal residence, he would be in default of the agreement and the lender could foreclose.  That never happened.  His home was always his principal residence.

The issue started nearly two years ago when, despite submitting an occupancy form, Daniels was notified that he was in default because he did not live in the house. While he called to correct the issue, it was apparently never fixed in the system – even though all paperwork was sent to Daniels at the home address, evidence that shows all involved  knew he lived at the house.

When the foreclosure happened that October, Mr. Daniels asked that the hearing be continued. He said he’d been injured in a fall and couldn’t attend. But the foreclosure sale went forward, and Mr. Daniels only learned about it when the sheriff arrived to evict him.

We filed suit against Celink, the reverse mortgage servicer, Bloom Retirement Holdings, which was formerly known as American Advisors Group, Inc., Albertelli Law Partners North Carolina, and Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC. Reverse Mortgage Funding filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition in 2022, but is still named in the suit even though we are not seeking damages from them.





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