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Our firm views litigation as a tool to help our clients navigate financial crisis through the smart use of litigation.  Our philosophy is simple: Offer you sophisticated legal work that will have a substantial impact on your life while always keeping an eye on the......

When people call our office, it’s because they need help. They’re afraid of losing their homes to foreclosure, have been harmed and are considering a lawsuit or want to know the answer to any number of legal questions. Calling an attorney can, by itself, be......

Not every legal fight winds up in a courtroom – in fact, only a very small percentage of cases ever go to trial. Many disagreements can be resolved through the alternate dispute resolution methods of arbitration and mediation. These two processes are designed to help......

When I’ve talked about the work that our firm does, several people have said that we are a “David v. Goliath” law firm, fighting against banks and large corporations for individuals and small businesses.  I recently heard Malcolm Gladwell‘s TED talk offering a new perspective......

Litigation is an incredibly powerful dispute resolution tool.  A lawsuit can serve as a vehicle to enforce rights in the face of wrongdoing or when dealing with a difficult party. However, lawsuits can also be incredibly unpredictable. When the resolution to your dispute lies in......

About J.C. White Law Group


We have handled complex lawsuits involving millions of dollars representing people and businesses who have been seriously injured.  In a wide range of difficult and contentious disputes, we have helped individual and business clients recover their losses and protect their rights.


We have brought, and defended, commercial disputes involving  contract disputes and business torts, construction law, securities, lender liability, real estate, fraud, corporate and LLC disputes, dissolutions, intellectual property, and unfair trade practice cases. We have handled issues and disputes arising under the Uniform Commercial Code, the Sherman Antitrust Act, and bankruptcy litigation.


We have been recognized by other lawyers as being among the best in the state in surveys such as Super Lawyers and the Legal Elite.


We are trial lawyers, crisis managers, and strategic advisors.   We find creative solutions and aim to win the impossible cases.  We try to negotiate resolutions that protect our client’s interests without a trial.  But we are always ready to fight aggressively in court or arbitration to achieve success.

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Class actions and group lawsuits

Class actions and group lawsuits can address fraud and unfair practices more effectively in a single case when it simply would not be cost-effective for one person to bring suit.


Our firm has successfully represented individual consumers who have been harmed by the unfair, fraudulent, deceptive or predatory conduct or banks and other large corporations.


But, in some cases it is more effective if a group of consumers, or a class of consumers, can attack the conduct in one lawsuit. Class actions and group lawsuits can address fraud and unfair practices more effectively in a single case when it simply would not be cost-effective for one person to bring suit.  Our firm handles a limited number of class actions as part of our mission to have a distinctive, lasting and substantial impact on consumers.


Current class action lawsuits:

  • Williams v. The Estates
    J.C. White Law Group PLLC and Blue LLP have filed a class action lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina on behalf of property owners who lost their homes and properties to a bid-rigging scheme in violation of Section 1 of the Sherman Act. The complaint alleges that group calling itself “The Estates” and its members, who operate through multiple LLCs, engaged in an illegal conspiracy to coordinate their bids at public foreclosures across the state of North Carolinas.