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Value pricing for legal fees

There are two ideas behind the way that we price for our legal services.  First, you should not be forced to walk away from a worthwhile case just because the cost of bringing a lawsuit is too high.  Second, the cost of representation should take into account the value of the case to you.


That is why we look at each case to find the most appropriate way to price it.   We call it value-based pricing — we find the billing arrangement up front that makes the most sense for both of us given the case and its value.


Sometimes, we will share the risk with you by working for a partial contingency or holding back a portion of our fee based on the outcome.  Other times, we will try to bring some certainty with flat fee or staged flat fee billing.  The goal is transparency and a degree of certainty that can help you decide how to move forward.

Some common billing arrangements…

Reduced Hourly or Flat Fee + Contingency

Substantially reduced hourly fee or flat fee plus a percent of the recovery. We will also work with you to spread payments out over time to ensure that out-of-pocket costs are affordable.

Flat Fee

Flat fees are total fees that are paid upfront for a particular legal matter. This gives financial certainty to the work we are doing for you. Nearly any case can be billed on a flat fee basis. Sometimes with large litigation cases we will agree to ``staged`` fees, with a flat fee for each phase of the litigation.

Hourly Billing

Sometimes, particularly in smaller matters or defense cases that are too indefinite to price in advance, we will bill hourly. But we are always open to re-examining our billing arrangements mid-engagement if a different arrangement better meets your needs.

Tell us about what’s going on. We’ll tell you how we can help.