Three Interesting Charging Order Opinions In The Estates Bid-Rigging Scheme – FORBES

By Jay Adkisson

In this article we consider three interesting charging order opinions that arise from the same judgment. The genesis of the judgment is a scheme concocted by a fellow named Craig Brooksby that he ran primarily through a company called The Estates LLC and other business entities.

. Eventually, three of the plaintiffs were awarded a little over $1.28 million against The Estates and Brooksby, with the GG Irrevocable Trust, King Enterprises and another Brooksby entity, Avirta LLC, all being jointly liable for about $660,000 of that award. The court also entered a permanent injunction that basically shut down the members of the estates from refraining from bidding against each others as well as terminated information about bidding that had been provided by The Estates. [JC White Law Group represented the Plaintiffs in this case.]


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