Twenty One Consumers Sue Car Repair Shop as Scam Victims
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Twenty One Consumers Sue Car Repair Shop as Scam Victims

Twenty One Consumers Sue Car Repair Shop as Scam Victims

The twenty-one Plaintiffs were all victims of scams perpetrated by Pomp Boys Motors and its owners.  Every Plaintiff has strong claims against the Defendants under North Carolina’s Motor Vehicle Repair Act. Their stories have much in common – in each case the Defendants looked for weakness and saw a way to profit from it.  They would brazenly  charge in excess of the value of the inadequate work they performed; they would perform work without offering estimates, and freely ignore those that they did give; over and over they would charge for repairs that had never been authorized; they would falsely represent that repairs had been made; they would falsely claim that certain parts or repairs were necessary; they would falsely claim that cars were in dangerous condition and needed immediate repairs; they would alter invoices and other documents.

The Defendants took advantage of consumers who entrusted their vehicles to them by holding those vehicles hostage and requiring customers to pay excessive fees to reclaim their vehicles.

The consumers are represented by Jim White of the J.C. White Law Group PLLC of Chapel Hill and Frankin Jones of Halifax, NC. J.C. White Law Group handles complex, high-impact lawsuits on behalf of individuals and businesses.

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