Wells Fargo froze his bank account. Now he might lose a house, lawsuit claims – TBJ

By Lauren Ohnesorge – Senior Staff Writer, Triangle Business Journal

In the age of AI and automation, all it may take is an algorithm error to lock you out of your bank account. It’s a frustrating – albeit common – consequence as banks make efforts to combat fraud.

But in some cases, the consequences of a bank’s policing mistake can be long-lasting and financially devastating.

Such is the alleged case of Ethan Parker, who filed a lawsuit in the Middle District of North Carolina after being unable to get his house out of foreclosure due to a frozen bank account.

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Jim White, Parker’s attorney, said the case has larger implications than just Parker’s money, as it shows Wells Fargo continues to keep customer accounts frozen – in apparent violation of an agreement signed by CEO Charles Scharf in December 2022.


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Jim White
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Jim White helps people and companies facing serious financial injury by bringing and defending lawsuits and representing debtors in bankruptcy. He has successfully taken on banks, large financial institutions and other corporations in “David v. Goliath” cases. You can reach him at 919-246-4676.