Wells Fargo returns customer’s funds after JC White Law Group sued them for improperly seizing and refusing to release them.

J.C. White Law Group has filed suit against Wells Fargo Bank on behalf of Ethan Parker for improperly freezing his bank account for alleged fraud and seizing his funds.

Parker’s adoptive mother died in 2020, leaving him as the designated beneficiary for a retirement account with AIG. He provided AIG will all information needed to receive death benefits. Parker a $207,000 check.  He opened a Wells Fargo account through the bank’s website, and deposited the second check at a Wells Fargo branch in Burlington, along with an additional $5,000 in cash.

Wells Fargo froze the account and seized his money, accusing Parker of forging the check.  Before filing, our firm obtained a letter from AIG confirming that the check was valid and had been issued to Parker.  Wells Fargo continues to refuse to release the funds, and a lawsuit was Parker’s only option.  Because he does not have access to his inheritance, his family home faces foreclosure because of his inability to pay a mortgage arrearage.

We filed a motion for a preliminary injunction ordering Wells Fargo to turn over the funds, and included an affidavit from the company that issued the funds.  In response, Wells Fargo did not contest any of the information, or offer any justification for seizing the funds, but assured the court that it was diligently working on returning the money and would mail a check out in two to two and a half weeks.   We are waiting for the court’s decision





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