Who we are

Who we are

A niche law practice that handles complex cases involving finance, fraud, and unfair trade practices.

Our approach involves a deep understanding of the legal system and a drive to uncover innovative solutions. We are not afraid of a challenge and relentlessly pursue success for our clients, even in seemingly impossible cases. Our team will assist you in evaluating potential risks and making tough decisions about your legal options.


At core, we believe in offering effective and efficient legal services that make a significant impact on your life.  As a boutique law firm with a specialized focus on complex cases involving finance, fraud, and unfair trade practices, we bring a unique set of skills and experience to each case.


Complex Litigation


We have handled complex lawsuits involving millions of dollars representing people and businesses who have been seriously injured.  In a wide range of difficult and contentious disputes, we have helped individual and business clients recover their losses and protect their rights.


Business Bankruptcy


We have a reputation for handling difficult bankruptcy cases, often cases that involve businesses and business owners or involve litigation or complex motion practice. Our business bankruptcy practice focuses solely on Subchapter V and Chapter 7 cases for small to mid-sized businesses.  When they are struggling with debt, bankruptcy can offer a way out.




Jim White is a mediator certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission to conduct mediations in Superior Court Cases in North Carolina.  He is also a Subchapter V Trustee and Board Certified Specialist in Business Bankruptcy.  He focuses his mediation practice on bankruptcies and state and federal cases involving complex financial issues.



Jim White: Impossible Cases and Panning for Gold – ATTORNEY AT LAW MAGAZINE


As Jim White enters his office, he passes a huge picture in his lobby of a scene from the 1982 film “The Verdict” starring Paul Newman. “Sure there are other pictures I could have chosen. Newman’s character is flawed and complex and there is much about him not to like. But in the end he’s a role model – someone willing to take on big interests even if the odds are against him. I look at it and remember that sometimes the biggest obstacles we have to overcome are inside us.”


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